About Us

“Chocolate says everything so much better than words ever can”

The Chocolate Angel

Using only the finest  Callebaut Belgian chocolate, which  is made using sustainably grown cocoa, we produce a range of chocolate treats and gifts you won’t find in the shops.

We deliver across the UK including highlands and islands usually within 48 hours of order.

The Beginnings

How was the Chocolate Angel born? I have always enjoyed making chocolate and crafting new ideas to watch them take shape, but I never imagined I could turn my passion into my living. After a lovely Christmas in 2011 I was given a Kindle by my husband, where I came across a book by the name of “Chocolate Wishes”. In reading this book I was given an image of what making and selling your own creations can be like and how rewarding it can be.

From then on I was set upon the idea of sharing the hundreds of ideas I had floating around in my mind, with all of the potential customers in my local area. Just like so many I have loved chocolate since I was a child, where I would get a bar of chocolate and enjoy every part of it.  I would always find myself wondering – what more could this chocolate bar be? Could it be more personal? Could it be a different shape? That’s how I decide that The Chocolate Angel would make delicious Chocolate, but shaped, molded, and personalised how you would like. After all it’s your treat, why not have it your way.

Chocolate became my passion and my job and The Chocolate Angels chocolate creations, are devilishly delicious. Now we have a full e-commerce website and 2 full time staff.

– See more at: http://chocolate-angel.co.uk/about-us/#sthash.ekuiHOfX.dpuf

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