Chocolate the Super Food!!

IMG_4179-0.JPGI have a love of Chocolate (as you could probably tell from my choice of career) and good Chocolate is a huge part of my life. Because of my passion, it leads me to try out different ideas (some work some not so much). I wanted to show how Chocolate can be very healthy in a balanced diet. Which leads me on to what I have been eating this week.

Raw Cacao Nibs- I decided to try Raw Cacao nibs (cocoa nibs) mainly because I had read how good they were for you. Cacao nibs are cacao beans fermented (this is done first to release the chocolatey flavour), sun dried and then broken up in to small pieces. (picture right). They have a nutty crunchy texture and taste, with a bitter chocolatey kick. I have been eating them on yoghurt, in my porridge, I even had a go at making a tea with them. They are extremely good for you, they are super high in magnesium, Potassium and iron. They are also high in fibre, protein and good mono-unsaturated fats (The same fats found in olive oil), These healthy fats have been shown to raise good cholesterol (HDL) levels. Studies show that cacao nibs have higher antioxidant levels than blueberries, red wine and green tea.

Cacao Nibs contain an essential amino acid required for the production of serotonin. This means that they can enhance your mood and reduce anxiety. Also eating cacao also helps to release endorphins, giving the body a kind of natural high.

As I said previous, I had tried out making tea. The tea that I made, was nice, but as a first attempt I think it was a little weak for my taste and the cinnamon a little strong. But here (as promised) is how I made it.

For a pot for 1

25g of cacao (cocoa) nibs
cinnamon stick (look at below picture for amount)
Vanilla Pod

Roast the nibs for 5 min at about 180. Then put the nibs in a glass and break up the piece of cinnamon into it. Cut 1/3 of a vanilla pod scrape out the seeds and cut pod in to small pieces. With all 3 ingredients in a glass I used a wooden spoon to grind. (I would grind in a pestle and mortar if you have one as mine wasn’t ground enough.) I then added it to the tea pot and added the hot water and left to infuse.

IMG_4184.JPGIMG_4182-0.JPGIMG_4181-0.JPGIMG_4186.JPGIMG_4187.JPGIf You decide to try using cacao nibs to make a drink. Try grinding with your morning coffee (if you drink fresh coffee) It will give it a lovely chocolatey spicy kick.